Hello!  I think I have been grounded long enough now!

I am so ready to jump into the RV and ride…..ride, ride, ride, Betty, ride.

I have been stuck in Athens, Alabama since October 5th with eye issues.  Cataracts, diabete issues,  surgery, shots, etc.    THAT'S ENOUGH ALREADY

In my opinion, if I get some glasses now, I will be fine.  I still have that smudge in the middle of the right iris.  Will it ever go away?  Other than that, I think glasses will work out for me.  I need them for long and short vision.  So much for that ‘you may not even need glasses after this!'   Yeah, right.

I'm not that disappointed though, I have worn glasses since fifth grade.  I would feel too plain with out glasses.

I went outside and started the RV today.  I do this once a week at least.  We have had so much rain I check the whole place out for water.  So far everything looks fine.

I also have a SAFEHEARTH heater going out there to keep the pipes from freezing.  I check to make sure it is still working.  It didn't feel like it today, though, it was cold in that there RV.  The Safehearth was still working.

I sat there in the drivers seat, daydreaming about the day I could start driving again.  I planned on sightseeing the countryside, in fact, I had already planned my route to drive through Alabama when I found out I was grounded.

AS I sat there, thinking, I was able to see the corner of the yard where my sweet little Miley was buried.  She passed in October just after we got here.  I miss her so much.

I think maybe I shouldn't get another dog, it breaks my heart when they die.

Then I think about Christopher the car (16), Onyx (13) and Miley (12), they each lived long lives with me.  I was a good mommy and they were happy.  Then I think I should give another rescue dog a chance too.  (it will probably happen).

I have two young cats I adopted from the shelter last year.  Strawberry and Daquri.  I got them for my birthday or soon after.  I always drink one Strawberry Daquri a year.  I just had one before I picked up the cats so that's where they got their names.

They turned out to be very good cats with great personalities and so much fun.

They are with me now on my (suppose to be) travels.  They will miss Richard once we are on the road again.  He is always messing with them and they love it.

Mom is boring so they do all their sleeping when  we are alone.

My eyesight seems to have improved.  In my Opinion getting glasses will be a great improvement for me.

My blogs have been sparse lately.  It has been a strain on my eyes to type or read so I have not done a whole lot of it.  Hope that is about to change.

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