I know, this new virus going around is scaring everyone.  I read somewhere, to use peroxide to clean countertops, faucets, door knob, etc.

I have some products that can sanitize the rooms full time without wiping down anything.

I am using the Safehearth Heater right now that it is cold and it has something that keeps the countertops sanitized at all times.  Plus it gives the room a fresh smell from cooking, (or kitty litter) whatever.

I can't do these products justice by explaining how they work and what they have inside the products but if you go to the website you can read all about it.

I also have a Air Purifier in the house to do the same sanitizing the air and countertops minus the heater.

Go and read how the Vollara products work.

Got allergies,  get the air purifier.  Got stinky pets, get the air purifier.

Musty basements, smelly sneakers,  smelly car,  get the air purifier.


Go read about what the products can d