I haven't kept up with my blog posts. My last post was in October before I left for Alabama.

I think I know the reason behind this.

I adopted a couple of kittens about a month ago.. I named them Strawberry and Daquri.  After my favorite birthday drink.

Strawberry is pretty calm and doesn't ask for much.  Just a little food and water, and a place to sleep.

Daquri on the other hand, wants lots of attention, gives me lots of kisses, and likes to help me type on this keyboard.

She is such a sweetie and a cutie.

I will adapt!

My little Miley dog loves her new kittens.  I will say, let's go see the cats, and off she goes.

My mom calls them dogs…..what's those two dogs doing in here.

Life with MOM hasn't changed much.  She still has dementia….she has lost more of her memory…..but she is healthy as a horse.  The doctor took her off half her meds because she wouldn't eat, but now she is doing a lot better eating.

She still doesn't know her daughters.  She doesn't know who I am.  I'm just the lady that stays with her at this home.  She doesn't even remember this is her home.  She keeps wanting to know when she is going home.

She wants to go see her mom  and dad….mom is 94, her mom and dad passed 30 years ago.   She only has one sister left and she lives in Texas.  Arizona in the winter months.  Her boyfriend is from Canada so she is on the go all the time and my Aunt is 96.

My mom on the other hand likes to stay at home.  She was never much of a socializer.

I spend much of my time cooking, cleaning, washing, caring for mom during the day, then once she goes to bed, I work on my onlne businesses.   I talk to my online friends in the afternoon while sitting in the front room with mom.  She doesn't talk much.

She can't hear well either so talking is very difficult when she can't hear what is said.

I keep the TV on on occasion but she couldn't care less.  She sleeps alot in her chair. Yet, let me leave the room, she will come looking for me.  She hates being alone.  I don't blame her.

After mom goes to bed, I may watch a little television with my two cats and Miley my dog, back here in my little hidaway.  I have a nice recliner.  Yes I fall asleep often.  I wake up around 10 or 11 and work on my biz for a few hours.

I advertise mostly, by social media, or this blog site.  Most of my businesses are funnels.  They don't take up a lot of time.

I started with the Purifier business back in 2008 and still advertise the products.  There is a tab up above the posts called “products”.

Before 2012, there were no training websites to help people learn the marketing trade.  You can sign up for a ten day trial here        http://www.time2breathe.info/lxbv

I got into the health and wellness kick last November.  I was looking for a way to drop some weight. After looking and tryig a few different products, I found this one would work for me.  I lost about 50 pounds since November 2017 to November 2018. I am still going for another 30 yet.  There is a tab called ‘steps 1-2-3″ if you are interested in a great, easy way to drop some pounds.

To compliment my Purifier business from 2008 I went into another no chem eco friendly biz       http://www.time2breathe.info/1up3                                                                                                                                                                                                  these are the chem free household products among other things.

If your interested in the funnels:




Once you have your funnels set up and ready to go, advertising just takes a few seconds to put on social media.  I use Facebook and Twitter.  I will start up YouTube videos soon, Facebook Lives are good.  Of course a blog post is always a good place to start.

Each are a income making website.  Start with one and add as you gain experience.

I'll leave you with this.  Daquri is wanting my attention again.

I'll be back!

Facebook:  Time 2 Breathe