A cup of hot chocolate and my electric heater!

Now I want a cup of Hot Chocolate!

I do appreciate my Safehearth Electric Heater, not so sure my dogs do or not.
It gets pretty cozy in here at times.

My big dog will lay there panting to let me know it's a wee bit too warm in here.

But it feels good to me.

There are several settings, a high or low, a timer if I want it to shut off on its own so if I get lazy I won't have to get up and turn it off.

I've used this electric heater about 3 winters now so I think I got my money back from it.

It is on rollers so I can move it from room to room, which I did alot when I lived in my last house. I don't need to here in this new place.

My mom keeps her furnace on so high, I can't stand to be in the main house.

I have a little room in the back, no heat, no central air….but it is my little (wo)mancave.

The thing that makes this electric heater different from all the rest….it is also an air purifier!

Yea! Built right in with the heater.

Now that is great since I have two very stinky dogs in the house.

I can tell the difference, BELIEVE ME, when I don't have it turned on.

I can leave the heater turned down low so the purifier continues to work.

You can buy your own SAFEHEARTH electric heater on rollers.

I have a website.   I am a distributor.

Look at the top of this page, click on ‘Products' .   On the website click on ‘Products' again, then see Safehearth on the list of products.

You can read all about that product but don't forget all the other excellent products listed too.

Every one of them is worth every cent.  Look them over, give them some thought.

Then BUY your Safehearth electric heater.