Why, Betty, Why are Wednesday nights so special, you may ask.

If you read my last post,  ‘How to Tell Your Story‘, you will find I have been learning, listening, doing videos, classes, books, all my life, (well since my 20s).

I hated high school:  This was me in high school.


But something happened when I reached my twenties.  I was ready to open my mind and start learning.  Every few years it was a different subject.  I went through phases.

In my twenties, I discovered audios:

Now in my 60s (I will soon be 64),  I love to watch training webinars.  My buddy Pat has a training webinar every Wednesday night at 7:00 PM (Central).   Last weeks story wasn't so much of a training webinar but it certainly was something to learn within his message.  He has had a weird life and how he met his wife was frightening.  But it's all good!

I love to listen to this group of people.  There is always something.

After Pat, I jump on another training webinar (1 – 2 hours) starting at 8:00 pm (central).  Now this one, tonight,  I could sink my teeth into.  I just can't wait to put this one into action.  Facebook LIVE!

Every Wednesday night is special like this.  I make sure I never plan anything else that might keep me away from learning new skills.

Everything I learn helps me to climb the ladder of success in my business, whether it be the products I advertise or it be the training courses  I share.  I have personally taken these courses myself, so I know they are good.

I will not share anything that I haven't used or experience myself.  I want to know what it is I'm passing on.  I have my reputation of being an honest woman to protect.  🙂

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