I spent almost two weeks in Alabama September/October!

It was nice to get away.

It has been two years since moving in with mom to be her caregiver.  I was ready for some time off.

My three sisters were left to take over while I was gone.

Now I have returned.

I drove thirteen hours Friday to make it home.

I was so wound, I couldn't go straight to bed.

My sister, who hates to be on the road at night by herself, wanted to go home so bad, she left moms at 11 pm.  Wow!

She made it home ok.

Mom has dementia.  It is worse now then 2 years ago when I moved in. She doesn't remember anybody, anymore.

She didn't remember who I was when my sister told her where I was.

She didn't remember my sister being here the last few days.

She didn't remember my little sister and her husband painting the living room last Saturday.

She shakes her head, trying to get rid of her confused state of mind.

It has to be scary for her.

My ex husband moved to Alabama about six years ago.  He has asked me to come down many times, so I decided I would spend my time at his place.

We didn't do a lot of stuff, but we did go sightseeing every afternoon, then had dinner before coming home.

I had my little Miley (dog) and he had his very large cat, so we worried how the two were getting along while we were gone.

They were fine.

I was never a movie watcher, but we watched 2 movies on his TV every night, and they were all very good movies.

I normally spend my time working on the computer until midnight, go to bed and watch a few recordings, and fall asleep on them.

Crazy life I have.

I met three of  his neighbors.  The Perrys' next door are a elderly couple.  I could have sat with Mrs. Perry longer, but we didn't have time.  She is so sweet and loves company.

The man across the street had 2 sweet little girls.  I felt like I was at home because I  have seven neighbor kids wanting to talk with me and hope I have popcycles for them.  I usually do.

Now that I'm back, I have to get back to work with my business.

I was getting ‘clicks'  while I was away.

It is almost like I never stopped working, even though I didn't DO ANYTHING with my business while I was away.

So cool!

If you would like to start a home online business, I can get you started.

Just let me know.

Funnels seemed to be the easiest way to go.  I have two funnel business.

At the top of my blogsite….all businesses are listed.  Click on the tabs.

Sign up with one or all.

I will be looking forward to another vacation in a year or two, but for now, I'll just continue working for me.

Click on the tabs!